Sunday, May 22, 2011

Week 4 Comprehension

Teacher Notes
I made a survey and an interview sheet to collect opinions on language learning and I sent this survey to my friends and teachers to get their answers. I really appreciated to my great friends, who helped me with it.
Great idea to conduct a survey to gather opinions.
Standard and Criterion Met
Criterion C,D and E
Completed Task
I finished making the planning sheet, summary and also the survey. I got many answers from my friends and i got different kinds of answers from them.
Think about how you will represent the data once you have analysed it.
Here, I found the article. It helped me understand faster and easier on my own topic, language learning.
To Do List
I have to make a chart that shows and rates my friends answers. I will upload it into my blog page.
Excellent planning.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Reflection on Weeks 1-5

During the past 5 weeks I have created 1 task on my topic “How can I use my knowledge of language learning to contribute to my community?”

First I researched using the net and found an article that provided background information to help me understanding of the issues related to language learning.

With this information, I created a summary on the topic and posted this on my blog page. This helped my understanding and provided me with more information to move to the next stage on Blooms.

During the “comprehension” stage I created my second task about learning language post of interview sheet. Photos/ create a survey/ embed a visual snapshot to show the audience my understanding of the topic. We were asked to record our summaries as a video and embed the file into our blog page to demonstrate our oral language skills and ability to master intonation and expression. I found this difficult to do at first but Jae Jun, Nini, Katty, and Fransisca were able to assist me and I was pleased with the final product.

Now I am preparing for the next stage of Blooms “ application” and I am deciding how I will design my next task that could include an interview, a simulation, a presentation using IT tools and illustration.

It’s time for me now to plan my next task so please check my blog on Friday and post a comment.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Week 3: Knowledge- April 18th- 22nd
Teacher Notes

Activities:  • I found an article and wrote it in my own words
                            • Also, I wrote a summary for the articles that I found.
                            • I listed the steps of learning
                            • Posted into my blog

Standard and Criterion Met:  Here, I wrote a post about contributing my learning languages to my community and I used new vocabularies and wide range of grammar. This is a criterion C.

Bloom’s Taxonomy:  Knowledge- find, describe and write

Approaches to Learning:  I wrote a summary to show my understanding about learning languages.

Areas of Interaction:  Health and social education

Completed Task:  Wrote an article on contributing my knowledge of learning languages to my community


To Do List:  Weekly reflection on blog: Write a summary including main idea and conclusions

Assessment Task

Assessment Task
Jae Seung Lee

How can I use my knowledge of language learning to contribute to my community??

Learning styles that I can use my knowledge of languages as contributing are~~~~
1) Spend the time!
2) Listen and read every day!
3) Focus on words and phrases!
4) Take responsibility for your own learning!
5) Relax and enjoy yourself!

Why should I learn a language?
There are many reasons to learn foreign languages, because the foreign languages are needed from working, romance, travel and communication.

Which languages should we learn?
Before we learn, we have to decide what language is the most useful for us. For example, we can’t just learn Chinese, when we are going to Japanese University.

What do I need to study languages??
There are wide range of materials and tools that are available, such as dictionaries, grammar books, online lessons, mp3 player, languages courses and translator.

How can I use my knowledge of language learning to contribute to my community??

I can use my knowledge of language learning to contribute to my community by teaching them and make them understand about the uses of languages and how easy we can learn. However, we had to understand and mastered the language before we teach them professionally. We can make them learn easily by online learning, reading books, watch educational videos, self-assessment, worksheets and story reading. Lets motivate them and us.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

All About Blooms


I think Ponyboy has qualities to be a hero in this book for different reasons. First, he stands by his friends through the good and the bad. And also, he could change them into good from bad. For example, when Johnny killed one of the Socs, although Johnny killed because of Ponyboy, Ponyboy stayed all the way with Johnny until he dies in the end. Secondly, he saved the kids from burning church, although the kids were the strangers who don't have any relationships with. Third, when he went to the rumble between Socs and Greasers, he did his best to win, even though he wasn't in a really good condition.

In these cases, he showed his loyalty to his friends, also heroic side to the kids and mostly his friendship with Johnny.


Day 1 - Pony jumped by the Socs after he watched movie
Day 2- Pony, Johnny and Dally met two socs girls and became closer.
Day 3- Ponyboy went home late, Dally hit him, The Socs attacked Pony and Johnny and Johnny stabbed one of the Socs.
They ran away to the church with gun and money from Dally.
Day 4- Stayed in church
Day 5- Stayed in church
Day 6- Stayed in Church
Day 7-8: Stayed in Church
Day 9 - The greasers saved the kids from burning church and they got hurt so badly.
Day 10 - Johnny, Pony and Dally stayed at hospital and The gangs came to the hospital
Day 11- Johnny Died and Dally dies too.


If I were in the situation of Ponyboy was getting drowned, I would just pulled apart people from fight and bully. That could work actually, because its still better than just going to the jail, also, we can just stop it easily by talking.


Ponyboy - He is the main character of this story and the youngest of the greasers with the age of 14. Because, his parents have died in a car accident, he lives with his brothers, Darry and Soda. He loves Sodapop but he doesn’t really get along with his oldest brother, Darry.

He is kind, friendly with loyalty. He had major problems such as saving the kids and got hit by Darry.


The Greasers' life
The Gangs
The Street Boys


I would like to spend a day with Sodapop, because he always makes people smile by him. And also, he is humorous. I just like to smile all day long with funny stories going between Sodapop and I.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

School Term 3 Break

The holiday from our school was quite short, but because it was just a term break, I had to follow and understand with it. However, for me, I didn’t really enjoy the break, because there were so many home works from all kinds of subjects. There were lots of projects too. The definition of holiday for me is a day of festivity with no works to do. But due to this break, I felt that my definition of holiday was totally wrong. Although I had to do many projects, I decided to meet up with all the Korean boys from our school, SWA and exercise together, which were soccer, basketball, badminton, table tennis and swimming to be closer with them. That day was the only holiday for me during this break. I was really exhausting from the homework during this holiday!! I need a REAL holiday that is similar with my definition.